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As a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I bring a unique perspective to the therapy room. For some, it is refreshing and welcoming and facilitates exploration of the self. For others, this approach is unfamiliar and perhaps even distinctly different from past therapeutic relationships.

Trauma Resolution

Addiction Recovery

Optimal Wellness


When recovering from trauma, we need to focus on developing your self capacities, understanding your adaptions (depression, anxiety, dissociation, etc.), learning about the neuroscience behind trauma responses, and developing new adaptations and skills. I am responsible for upholding a genuine, supportive, and consistent therapeutic frame. Communication and boundaries are key in recovery. The goal is to gently empower you through connection with the self.
When our lives are ruled by addiction, we lose track of ourselves, others, and the world. We've forgotten how to feel joy and sorrow. We've lost track of how we used to move through the world without doubt and fear. We all find our own way back to balance and health in our own unique way. I am responsible for holding the space for you to explore the reasons for your addiction. I am responsible for challenging you to look deeply into your psyche to unlock the door to healing and walk through to green pastures.
Together we can develop your capacity to work with your internal gifts and talents, collaborate with your relentless inner critic so you can approach your life with confidence, and create a stable environment for the Self to thrive. I am responsible for challenging you to dare test your boundaries and push through to transcendence.

  • Psychodynamic 
  • Trans* Affirmative Care
  • LGBQ* Affirmative Care
  • Poly Aware
  • Kink Aware
  • Trauma Informed care
  • Anti-Oppression
  • Spiritual healing
  • Alternative spirituality
  • Harm reduction
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Meditation and visualization
  • EMDR
  • DBT
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Energy healing
  • Family healing and parent development

Clinical Supervision

I approach supervision just as I approach therapy: I learn about the person, consider their stylistic needs, and note their developmental achievements based on their interpersonal style. I enter the space with an openness that suggests that we are in this process together. I use “we” and “together” to describe the journey and hopeful outcomes. In this way, mutuality and a holding environment are created for the supervision process to unfold.

I value “knowing” a supervisee, having an idea of who they are in their personal life, and how this directs their clinical knowledge, including their willingness to explore transference and countertransference. I hold that transference and countertransference will be an expected part of our work. That being said, boundaries are constantly negotiated and revisited throughout supervision.

I support the resiliency of the supervisee by remaining curious and connected. I challenge implicit biases so that the supervisee can care thoughtfully and fully for her clients. Self-care is not an after-thought; it is part of our everyday when working with trauma and addiction.

Focus areas: clinical capacity, professional development, transference/countertransference, identity, diagnosis, case conceptualization, anti-oppression practice

About Perri

Perri has been working in mental health since 2005 . Her experience ranges from residential
treatment to private practice. Her practice focuses on trauma resolution, addiction recovery, and optimal wellness.

Education and Credentials

PhD Candidate, Social Work, Smith College
Master of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago
Master of Art, Women’s Studies, Loyola University Chicago
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, SUNY Potsdam
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #9923477
Licensed Addiction Counselor #437
Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist #12114
Reiki Master


  • residential substance abuse treatment
  • trauma therapist at Denver County Jail through a community grant 
  • individual therapy to active injection users and their families at a public health agency
  • individual therapy for trans* and genderqueer folks and their loved ones
  • supervisor and consultant for psychodynamic psychotherapy practitioners
  • classroom teacher for graduate level social work students

Location & Rates


19039 Plaza Drive, Suite 255
Parker, CO 80134

My office offers parking and a waiting area. From Lincoln, take Parker Road south and head west on Plaza Drive. Turn into the third driveway and park near the north building. Head inside the office entrance and take the stairs to the second floor. Restrooms are straight ahead and the waiting area is to the left. I will meet you in the waiting area at our respective meeting time.

Psychotherapy Rate

My fee for a fifty-minute session is $120. I offer a reduced rate to a limited number of clients. Clients who attend multiple weekly sessions may receive a reduced rate.

Supervision Rate

My fee for a fifty-minute supervision session for unlicensed clinicians working towards their LCSW, LPC, or LAC is $50. My fee for a fifty-minute supervision session for licensed clinicians is $100. My fee for a seventy-five-minute group supervision session is $40 per person. Please contact me to inquire about group supervision offerings.

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